Spark Works

Project type :  Global visual identity
Applications :  logo | stationery | brochure | webdesign
In partnership withCreative Supply
Spark Works is a human-centred strategic innovation company based in Zürich. It provides research and consulting services. The principle of the visual identity combines the professional aspect with a more playful dimension. To achieve the most appropriate result, Spark Works approaches each project in a unique way and considers that methods and processes are modular. Communication, exchanges, singularity and diversity are central elements of the company, just as the visual identity.

In order to stand out from the traditional codes of consulting companies, the visual identity is designed using a modular system, playing on the “spark” of a yellow colour. It allowed us to create a link between the different contents. The signature colour is a central element of this visual communication and enables an immediate identification as well as an easy appropriation of the different visuals, messages or formats, by the brand.
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